Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photo collage

Hi everyone... sorry no card of the day today as I had to go to jury selection at the court house this morning, so no time to whip out a card. I was not chosen this time but will have to return Thursday as they have another trial.

So instead of a card I thought I would show you my photo collage wall that hangs in our main living area. I change it out a few times a year, and sometimes I do scrapbook pages and other times I just feature photo's. This time I featured our little dog Noel as a puppy when we brought her home last Sept. I used www.picnick.com to edit my photo's and give them a fuzzy appearance. I know it does not show on these photo's of them, but up close Noel looks very fuzzy and oh so cute! I heard about this site from a friend of a friend and it is really cool so go check it out... lot's of cool effects.

I will post a card tomorrow for the card of the day program so please check back, and thanks for your continued support everyone!

BTW, as some of you may know, Noel is our special needs puppy who is deaf and is vision impaired. So we paired her up with our coon hound Marble who has become her "hearing eye dog" Ha!

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Dot said...

Love the pics!