Friday, July 30, 2010

Card of the day 7/30/10

Sorry this is a day late!... I started it yesterday and the rest of the day vanished somehow. Anyway, you can see I am on a "stamping things in a circle" kick. I know, I am weird but it is fun!

On another note... my eldest son Alec turns 14 today, and he is celebrating it in Honduras while on a missions trip with our church's youth group. I am so proud of him!
And did you ever have a day like I did today? The lens popped out of my prescription reading glasses a few days ago, and I really need them to see while I am coloring my stamp images in... so the twins and I go on a 55 minute drive into the big city (Augusta) and drop them off to go shopping at Wally World, we return about 30 minutes later to pick them up. Well they can't find them anywhere... and after I looked around, I see that they are still at the front desk where the lady forgot about them. (Ugh!) So a different, and very nice employee popped the lens back in and while adjusting it she cracked the lens. (Ugh again!) Oh well, accidents happen but now I have to go back next week to pick them up. Such is life, just happy I didn't forget what I needed at Wally World... nothing worse than going all the way there and forgetting something! Have a great weekend everyone!

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