Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Need new blocks?

I think people are funny... me included. Some of us love to be neat and tidy, and some of us like a little clutter in our lives. This, of course, transcends to our crafting and crafting/studio rooms and spaces.
I have stamping friends that clean their stamping blocks after each stamping session, and then I have friends that are more like me... and just leave them sitting on the table until you go to use them again. There are times when I wish I were more clean and organized, but there is something to say for feeling free enough to just walk away from my craft table not worrying about my supplies and if they are clean or not.
My point?... well I really don't have a point but think that God made us each a little different and there is not right or wrong way to do things. That is what I like about stamping and paper crafting, there is no right or wrong way to do things, and I learn new ways to do techniques each time we have a workshop or stamping session with friends. My customers and stamping friends inspire me to do things a different way and try new things. I love that!
What made me think of this was a new shipment of blocks that just came in with these great round stamp blocks with finger grips, white grid lines and are 1/2" think and have been laser polished. My stamp blocks are looking a little shabby lately (no doubt because I should clean them more!) and think that stamping with these new blocks would be heavenly. Do you need new blocks too? Then check these out... they are top of the line at a great price too!
On a funny note... not too long ago my stamps were not clinging to my blocks the way they should have been and I just could not figure out how come. I tried cleaning off the back of the cling cushion, and wetting the block a little bit to get more friction. None of that helped and then it hit me.... all my blocks needed a good cleaning. Duh! (In my defense, my blocks get a lot of use at workshops and shows) So I whipped out my blending solution that is meant use with the Tim Holtz alcohol inks, and cleaned all my blocks and now my stamps cling wonderfully. That is my tip for you, if your blocks get a bit dirty.... just clean them with that blending solution and a cloth. It even gets off dried on StazOn ink which can be a real challenge.
If you have a stamping tip that you would like to share please respond to this link, we would love to hear them!
Here is what the new stamp blocks look like, and they can be found at the website in the "Mounting Supplies" section.


Kriss said...

I'm laughing inside! I am so with you! Some of my cling stamps are not sticking to my blocks. Like you, I thought it was the stamps until I read your post. And now that I think about it, it's the stamps that are the same size that use the same block. You should feel better knowing that you are not alone.

Melissa Baldwin said...

Ha! I am very glad that I am not the only one. :)
Like my kids say "duh"... I am so glad that I taught them that saying. Not! That is all I have been hearing around the house this summer...duh!

Kriss said...

Guess what I did yesterday? Cleaned all my blocks. Thanks to you! I thought I had totally worn out Scroll Doodle and was going to have to replace the EZ Mount. You should see that stamp -- it looks like a very, very used stamp and for good reason -- it is!