Friday, September 3, 2010

6 New Stamp Sets Are Here!

I just love the smell of fresh rubber in the morning don't you? Ha! Our 6 new stamps sets have arrived and are now available in the online store for purchase; in the Store, in the sections "READY SET STAMPS" or "New Rubber Stamps". Here is what we have to chose from. Item #RSSCADI11 Texting, Cadi Girls

Item #RSSBLAIR10 Time Well Spent by artis Blair Lambert

Item #RSSFERN4 Thankful For You - Fernanda's Friends

Item #RSSFERN1 Nicest Part Of Christmas, Fernanda's Friends

Item #RSSFERN3 Enjoy Life, Fernanda's Friends

Item #RSSCADI12 Be Different, Cadi Girls


Mimi said...

Oh my...I love, love, love these new stamp sets!!!!

jorunns hobbyblogg said...

Wow - so very nice!