Monday, September 27, 2010

Card/project of the day 9/27/11 by Suzanne

I have a "revisited" project for you today from Suzanne Milam. She used our FOTM Snowdrop to decorate this mini loaf of bread. Wouldn't that be a great gift?

Unfortunatly my printer is on the fritz and won't allow me to upload any photo's from my camera's photo memory card, and it won't let me print anything either. Arggg! Especially since I want to show you a photo of our new kitten.

I started to drive into Augusta (nearest big city - 40-50 minute drive) but the rain is just coming down to hard today for my liking so I think I will hunker down in the Studio and do a little cleaning up and maybe some creating. :)

Have a great day everyone and I hope you get a few minutes to stamp!

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