Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shipping Rates

Hi Stamping and Scrapping Friends,

As many of you know The Stamping Studio is known for our reasonable shipping rates. In fact we have not raised our shipping rates since we opened in 2001! We hated to do it, but we felt we needed to raise the rates to keep up with the rates charged to us.

I still think that we have the most reasonable shipping rates around, and if you purchase $150.00 or more the rate is only $4.80! Here are the new rates;

From To Rate
01. 25.00 4.80
25.01 50.00 6.95
50.01 100.00 8.50
100.01 150.00 12.95
150.01 and up 4.80

We ship priority mail except for a few places that first class mail will get to it's destination at the same time as priority mail. That is only in the cases where you live close to The Stamping Studio offices.


Kriss said...

It's still cheaper than putting a couple gallons of gas in your car to drive somewhere! :)

Melissa Baldwin said...

Ain't that the truth Kriss!