Thursday, June 12, 2008

Zutter Cutter

Have you all heard of the Zutter Cutter by the makers of Bind-It-All? It created quite a buzz at our last stamp workshop. One of our club members special ordered it and then gave us a demonstration. It cuts through cardstock (not chipboard) just like butter baby! It is a great tool for those of us who cut lot's of cardstock at one time. And the best part is that it cuts cardstock exactly in half which does not always happen when cutting on a traditional paper cutter.

Here is the machine... about 14 inches wide.

To make a single cut you place your cardstock in the back tray and slide the guides to fit your size of cardstock. I have a 8.5x11" sheet of cardstock here.

The sheets comes out cut exactly in half at 4.25".

Here is a stack of 26 "cards to be" that I cut in less than a minute. It would have taken me much longer using a cutter and these cards are exact! I don't know about you but sometimes with my cutter would cut one side slightly larger than the other?
The closest tray will cut your 12" cardstock in 3 pieces. What a wonderful feature!
3 pieces easy as pie!

Here is the guide sheet that comes with the machine to help you figure out the cuts and sizes. This is a special order product that you can order through our sister site Product Performers. The link can be found at this blog, and what you do is to go shopping there and then cut and paste your cart into an email to me; and I will get back with you. If you are a TSS Buying club member then you get your 25% off discount on all the products. Email me if you have further questions.

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