Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Twins Birthday Invite

Here is what I was working on yesterday - my twin boys birthday invitation. Sean and David are going to be 9 years old this month and really wanted a costume party as their school discontinued "costume day" day this year for some reason. We don't go trick or treating so this had been the only time they got to wear their costumes out in public. We also needed something to occupy everyone's time while at the party, so Husband came up with the idea to also have an obstacle course. Kind of a strange combo for a party but the twins are ecstatic!

I wanted to make about 20 invites and did not have the time to hand color them all, so I stamped, cut, and colored the trick or treaters (representing our costume party) and layered some BasicGrey papers and stamped the stitches along the bottom, and a scroll to dress everything up. I glued the stamped image onto the card front and then scanned the whole thing into Adobe Photoshop and that is where I added the text. I printed these out and then glued that to black cardstock. I was pretty happy with how they turned out! I also printed out the time and dates, and directions to the party and glued that inside the card as well.


Dot said...

Very clever invitation!! I love the combination of the costume-obstacle course party! That will keep those kids busy!

Have a great day!

Melissa Baldwin said...

We will see! Hope it doesn't rain.

Dot said...

Oh, rain would be a bad thing! Then you'll have the obstacle course in the house!!! We'll hope for no rain!!