Monday, July 27, 2009

Got Copics?

As you may remember I had posted an online tutorial on beginning coloring with Copic markers and had told you that we had on order 12 colors (to make a set) of the Ciao Copics and how excited I was to get them in and start selling them. Oh!.. and we were even going to make a card at the Saturday workshop using them.

Well all that was true, but I have to tell you that after the workshop on Saturday this is how many of the Copics we had left. Can you believe it?! I thought they would go over well but I was surprised at how well. The workshop guests all "nabbed" them up so I do not have any to sell through the online store at the moment...but you can bet your bloomers I will be ordering more! I will let you know when we get more in.

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PJsKreativeKorner said...

Oh Melissa....I think that is awesome. I knew these "puppies" were the hottest things going on right now and I am so thrilled that you got "cleaned" out. LOL Soooo that means more to come. YIPEEE!!!! To everyone...if you haven't tried these markers, they are the absolutely best out there. No more streaking!!!! Yep that's more streaking. Pat