Friday, February 5, 2010

Heading off to Heirloom Convention

Packing up and getting everything ready for the booth we are going to have at the Heirloom rubber stamp convention this weekend in Lawerenceville Ga. Marble, the coon hound is not impressed with all the prep work.
She looks comatose
But she is really wagging her tail!
Now she wants a belly rub... of course!
I know this may look weird, but I use suitcases to pack up all my rubber stamps sets. They hold a ton of product and they have built in wheels... what could be better?
This panel is done
This one is not....
Who got into the convention candy?!... oh that was me. :) Come by the booth this weekend and have a treat to keep your strength up.

Here is the cute little jacket I found at Marshall's to wear on Saturday.
Husband packed up the car last night for me as we knew it was suppose to rain today... and it is... really hard... really annoying... but oh well!
I look forward to seeing you all this weekend!


Dot said...

Marble was supervising!! Have a great show!!

Susan, PCC Editor said...

Looks like a LOT of work! (Cute jacket :)