Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Publication Call

I found a great submission call when I was wandering around http://etsy.com today and thought you all might like to know about it too. We have so many talented TSS stampers that should try-out for this.
Of course, I encourage you to use TSS stamps in your submissions. You will even get free stamps from us if you do get published in this publication, or any other publication or magazine as long as TSS gets the stamp credit.
Here is the information; http://www.etsy.com/storque/media/article_images/1000HandmadeCards_.pdf

BTW, am I the only one addicted to http://etsy.com ?


suzann said...

I have never checked out etsy. Thought it was like ebay, so I'm surprised about the pub. call.

Thanks for sharing th!is info

Melissa Baldwin said...

You should check it out... people do sell things their but it is all handmade items and some real artist can be found. It is really fun to see what everyone else is making.