Friday, April 18, 2008

Suzann Jones in Just Cards

Design Team member Wendy Sebesta emailed the other day bragging on her friend Suzann Jones (new DT member) that has 23 cards published in the current issue of Just Cards magazine from Scott Publications Can you believe that... 23 cards! She sure has been busy, she is very talented and I am honored to have her on our Design Team this year. The following are the cards in Just Cards that she used our Stamping Studio stamps on. Thanks for the great samples and using TSS stamps in your projects Suzann, they look great!


Wendy said...

AMAZING stuff, Suzann! Congrats! You probably now hold the World's Record in number of cards published at one time....holy inkpad, Batman!! :D

suzann said...

*blush* Thanks Wendy and Melissa!