Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Boys and Goodbye

Every fall we buy pumpkins and I take the boys annual "pumpkin" photo's. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have some fall foliage colors as a background, but here in Georgia fall comes late. This year we were so happy to have my nephew Angelo included in these photo's, and it really is quite comical watching the boys follow me all over our property with their heavy pumpkins so that I can get a great background or have them sit on a fun prop. These photo's are usually some of my favorites to scrapbook and craft with. I hope you will take the time to get outside and take a few fall photo's this year of your family or animals and create some fun memories that you will love to look back on again and again.

On another note, Angelo and my sister in-law Kim will be leaving us this Sunday to return to their home in Madagascar. Please pray that they will have a safe and smooth trip, and also please pray for all four boys as separating is going to be hard for them. They have been hanging out almost every day since Angelo arrived this spring. I already had a batch of tears last night and it breaks a Momma heart. But we have decided to bug them a lot, until they come visit us again soon!

Here are just a few of the fall photo's I took a few weeks ago.
Sean, 9 years old
David, 9 years old

Angelo, 9 years old

Alec, 12 years old


Dot said...

They're a cute bunch!

Maybe you'll be able to visit them in Madagascar someday!

Melissa Baldwin said...

Thank you Dot... I think I will keep them. :)