Tuesday, November 4, 2008

God Bless America

Here is my nephew Angelo with his Mom Kim right after they signed the document that confirms that he is officially a US Citizen. Yea!

My brother in-law Colin, and sister in-law Kim live in Madagascar along with Angelo whom they have adopted. They came back to the states to make all of this official and after many months it finally is. We are so blessed to have Angelo in our lives (he is the same age as my twins and get along famously!) and we are so sad that they will be leaving us for the long trip back to Madagascar to join Dad/Husband. We will miss them so much.

We truly live in a great country, so don't forget to exercise your opinion and vote today! Here in GA we were able to vote early so I was able to vote, with out a line this past Tuesday. One thing is for sure... we will have a new President soon and "Husband" and I will be glued to the TV set tonight. I better get my stamping done early!


Dot said...

Congratulations to Angelo!! How wonderful!!


Melissa Baldwin said...

Thanks Dot! We are so happy to have him a part of our family and now a citizen.