Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another FOTM sample

Check out Brooke Smith's blog to see a great card she made with her new Snowdrop FOTM stamp set. Love it! Brooke, of course, is the artist of all the FOTM stamp images and if you look around her blog and artwork areas you will find some of the new flowers to come and how she used them.


The guys have been working on laying laminate flooring through out the Studio so it is a bit of a mess and hard to work in, but it is going to look great when it is done. They are almost half finished. Yea!


Patricia said...

Melissa: I went to Brooke's site hoping to see some of the other stamps you said we might see there, and I couldn't find. How do we do this.

Melissa Baldwin said...

Hi Patricia,

Sorry for the confusion on this... she does not have any stamps on her website. She does have some paintings and other artwork that has some of the new flowers that are yet to be released. Is that a big tease or what?!