Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day!

Hey Everyone,

It is snowing in Georgia! It never snows here... well hardly ever. I think the last time it spitted some snow was a couple years ago and it was just as exciting then as it today. They even canceled school for today. It really is hardly snowing at all, and in fact, I went and took some photo's of it and my boys and the snow did not even show in the photographs. Ha! My boys are ecstatic that they have a "snow day" from school and I know that you Northerner's are laughing at us right now. (I used to live in Wisconsin "once upon a time" and do know what "real" snow is). So anyway, we are having a fun day hanging out at home today.

I am working in the Studio getting ready for our Stamp Club workshop that we are having here on Saturday at 11:00-2:00. We still have room so it you want to join us please let me know and wewill love to have you. It is a free workshop you just have to RSVP melissa@thestampingstudio.com. We will be making 3 Valentine themed projects and eating lunch and it is all FREE. How great is that? I am looking forward to seeing everyone!

Later... It is snowing a bit harder and I able to get a couple shots where you could tell it was snowing! This is Alec (left) and Sean (right).


Dot said...

Well I'm glad the boys are enjoying their "snow day"! Where are those winter coats thought?! Yes, being from the Chicago area, we are used to below zero temps and feet of snow! You can send them up here for some real winter fun but be sure to wear warm coats!

Melissa Baldwin said...

We don't really have winter coats Dot and it usually only freezes at night and then warms up. It has been in the high 40's low 50's the last 5 days or so. It is very unusual for it be this cold. I kinda like it!

Dot said...

Boy, do I wish it would be so warm!! I'll trade you weather for alittle while!! If it gets above 35 here in the winter, we all kid that we're going out in our swimsuits!!