Sunday, January 25, 2009

Inside Flap Card

Happy Sunday everyone,

I am off to church in a few minutes but wanted to quickly post the 3rd card we made yesterday at the workshop, before I left. I know this card looks very similar to the grouping I made with the Snowdrop FOTM image but it is what is inside that is very different... a fun flap. I even punched a window in the flap so you could see through to the inside back of the card. I will post instructions on this card next week.


Dot said...

I love the window you used on your card! Beautiful card too!

Patricia said...

Oh Melissa....I love this card. Doggone and I'm in FL. Oh well maybe you can post directions for us to recreate when I come home. Hugs, Pat

Angela said...

Melissa- I had such a wonderful time, and just love the cards that we made.

Melissa Baldwin said...

Thank you Dot!

Melissa Baldwin said...

Thanks Pat... I am going to post a photo tutorial later this week so check back. Glad you like it... Suzanne actually showed me this design. That Suzanne is so darn good!

Melissa Baldwin said...

Hi Angela,

I am so glad that you and Carol could join us and look forward to next month.