Friday, October 2, 2009

Lot's of BoBunny!

Hello Stampers and Scrappers,

I realized the other day that I had not uploaded all the wonderful BoBunny designs to the website that we actually are carrying in the store... and then we got another shippment in. So I spent all of the other night updating this catagory in the store for you.

If you are not familiar with BoBunny papers let me tell you a little bit about them (besides that I am a little bit addicted!) They are cardstock weight which means that they are perfect for any project that needs to stand up and not be flimsy, and also it is not too heavy for cardmaking. They are ALL double-sided. That is right!... all of the BoBunny pattern papers are double-sided included the dotted designs which have a mini dot on one side and then a watercolor swirl on the other. Whenever I showcase projects that are made with BoBunny papers people rave over them. We also started carrying the matching buttons/bling, silk flowers, and brads. They give you a generous amount in these embellishment containers and I think you will be happy with the quantity and quality.

So "get you some" BoBunny... I know it will make you happy! Below are just some of the designs we are carrying. To see the whole line please go to the website click on the "store" link and then scroll down to the "Pattern Paper" section.

Kitchen Sink
Chocolate Double Dot

Wassabi Double Dot

Tis The Season



Boo Crew

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