Thursday, October 15, 2009

Photo Pumpkin

So you may have seen this cute little 3D pumpkin that I showcased the other day on the blog as a project we are going to make at the October 24 workshop. I had an Aha! moment the other day after I took our boys annual pumpkin photo's and was looking for something fun to do with them. (Every year since the twins were about 12months old I have taken photo's of them with their own pumpkin that they later cut into jack-o-lanterns)

I saw the pumpkin sitting there at thought Aha!... I could make one of these pumpkins using only the photo's. I was so excited that I ran to the Studio and did just that. (See photo's below) What a great keepsake and a great gift for relatives. Oh!... how about making one of these using the classic circle and creating a photo ball into an ornament? I gotta try that too!

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