Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New SEI Papers!

I received the most gorgeous papers from "the brown man" the other day and quickly priced and put them on display and have just been enjoying looking at them ever since. Do you think there is something wrong with me... maybe a pattern paper intervention is in order?
I just got done uploading Shimmers, Pearls, Velvets, Glitters, and Lacquer double-sided pattern papers all from SEI. We are also carrying the textured double-sided cardstock that match these collections as well. All of the pattern papers have some kind of special finish on them and their price point is .95 cents, and then the textured cardstocks are at a .60 cent price point. These are beautiful and a great deal all ready for the upcoming winter season and holidays.
I created yesterday's card with this SEI paper and just love the foil finish on it! These papers are now available in the store http://www.thestampingstudio.com/ in the "Pattern Paper" section starting on the 3rd page. It will be hard to chose which ones to buy... you may need to purchase one of each!

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