Monday, August 9, 2010

1st day of school!

I can't believe it is the 1st day of school! It is a tradition in my household to take your photo with your book bag on the 1st day of school. If you were here and going to college, on your 1st day of school, we would slap a book bag on you too and take a photo. It is also tradition to post those photo's here on the blog... so here ya go! David Patrick (twin) 5th grade middle schooler
Sean Parker (the other twin) 5th grade middle schooler
Alec Nathaniel freshmen in High School (Eeeek!)
My 3 sons! No there is nothing wrong with my camera... I was just messing around in, and they have these fancy "effects" that you can use on your photo's. It is really fun and I liked how these look...kinda "old" school.
I hope all your kids have a good school season this year, and you take and scrapbook lot's of photo's! You won't regret in years to come when you can look back and see how little and cute the kids were, and what funny outfits they wore (look at Sean!!) and the hairstyles. It is going to be super fun to tease them later. Ha!


Dot said...

I can't believe how early your schools start! We have until the 24th. Hope they have a great school year!

Melissa Baldwin said...

Thanks Dot! I hope your son has a good year too. What grade is he going into?