Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Elvis was in the house!

We sure had a great time at Retreat! Here are a couple shots of our dress up contest.

Who is that dressed as Elvis?!Poor Husband sure has a goofy wife... he is a very good sport, and a good cook.

Here are photo's of our Unders Swap.

Cynthia's Unders was a Christmas village all made from paper! Paper house, and paper trees, and snow and all sorts of cute things. It also features a cup that holds candy canes.

Mimi's Pink and Fluffy pail.Melissa's decorated organizer.Organizer being stolen from Judy!.. that meany Cynthia!Christmas pailPoker themed tray by Stephanie... Husband wanted this one!Decorated bulletin board by Annalisa

What did you get Cynthia?

We sure had fun with lot's of laughs.

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